b l u e p r i n t  2 0 1 3

e x h i b i t i o n s

Trongate 103

shows work celebrating Anna Atkins’ Cyanotypes of British Algae along with engineering blueprints of Glasgow’s ‘Big Loco’ and the Queen Mary

A virtual gallery has been created to show the work which was exhibited.  Click here to view.

Street Level Photoworks

exhibits contemporary work made using alternative photographic printing processes

Glasgow Print Studio

lens-based original images manipulated to produce prints made using traditional print processes in ink

Institution of Engineering and Technology

the IET Teacher Building shows engineering blueprints of contemporary power plant drawings; also carbon prints and photogravures

Royal Glasgow Institute / Kelly Gallery

the RGI/Kelly includes working drawings of George Wyllie’s celebrated projects, including the unbuilt Crystal Bridge

Hidden Lane Gallery

palladium prints by Margaret Watkins and examples from the Clarence White School of Photography

Hillhead Library

various types of blueprint of the 1912 Picture House / Salon Cinema